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Some Imp Books For Programmer ,User And Guru.

Best URL for all computer related stuffs

Linux / Windows - Best URL

Free Online Unix Training Materials

Very good Linux tutorials

Very good UNIX tutorials

Ultimate Linux Link

Lots of simulators (Very good link)

A.P. Lawrence's Linux Skills Test

UNIX and C Test (Tests and quizzes)

Networking Essentials Practice Exam

Linux site

Linux Kernel Analysis HOWTO

Linux info

Linux For Kids

Recompiling Linux kernel with IDE CD-RW support

Computer Audio CD Car Player HOWTO

CD Writing HOWTO

CD-ROM archiving tool for mastering and burning multiple CD-ROM


CD Detect & Execute (cdde)

Linux removable media support

Linux Removable Media Handling System

CD Mount / Swap automatically

linux swap deamon

Make CD labels (CD Cover Creator)

CDemu Kernel Module for Linux

DVD Writing tools (DVDRecord like cdrecord)

Creating DVD disc images like ISO images

Creating a multi-boot DVD

DVD to CD-R including OGG audio tracks

DVD player

DVD ripping and transcoding with Linux


Info about DVD

Specification of video cd, dvd disc format

regionset - adjusts and shows the region code of DVD drives


DVD on Linux

Review of DVD players in GNU/Linux

Small tool which extracts title information form DVD
(audio-tracks, subtitles and chapters)

MBCD - MultiBootCD

Linux Hotplugging

How to make a crossover cable

Useful for managing the execution of 'problem' programs which are likely to fail, hang

Programming and Debugging / Cracking

Example programs for Perl, guile, Java, ...


Good Linux links (useful) (Related to GNU/Linux)

Important Linux Resources

Linux newbie queries (Debian)

UNIX Commands

Unix Guru Universe (Administrator)

Document creation for server administration

Linux Commands

Linux kernel profiler (Paper)

Debian Desktop User's Guide

Wide framework to convert any GNU/Linux distribution to Debian

Debian GNU/Linux administrators guide

Debian GNU/Linux backport of Testing / Unstable release to Stable release

ldcheck tool checks bad/missing dependencies

Create Debian Linux packages

Producing Debian packages the easy way

Beginners Guide to UNIX

Beginners Guide to Linux

picocom is a minimal dumb-terminal emulation program (Like minicom)

Linux Terminal Server Project

TermPkg - The Poor Man's Terminal Server

Way of finding errors in Linux source code

Tuning linux (Optimization and Tuning HOWTO)

Trash Can for GNU/Linux

MAC Changer
Utility for viewing/manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces

Multiprotocol WAN and ADSL adapter

Linux abi is a patch to the linux kernel that allows a linux system to
run foreign binaries

Haring is a tool to manipulate the internals of the Linux kernel



Very Verbose Guide to Updating and Compiling Your Debian Kernel

Translucency loadable kernel module

Linux kernel module - netfilter + system call wrappers

Common interface across all platforms is needed for 3rd party file access control (Kernel module)

Linux end users to configure Linux kernel modules and its parameters

Makes new schedulers for Linux possible as loadable modules

Linux scheduler papers

Linux Scalability Effort Homepage

Linux Entitlement Based Scheduler (EBS)

Scheduler Scalability

schedutils is a suite of scheduler-related tools

schedtool can be used to query or alter a process' scheduling policy under linux

Linux 2.x port/socket pseudo ACLs

AddUser-NG project

GTK-ACL allow users to manage ACL permissions

Umbrella for handhelds implements a combination of process-based mandatory access control

Filesystem capabilities for linux (Increases security)

DSI - Distributed Security Infrastructure (In Linux Kernel - Digital signature loadable module)

Security-Enhanced Linux

Linux-kernel security patch

Fred Emmott's Linux kernel patches

Some notes on security on a Linux system

The Functionally-Overloaded Linux Kernel

Con Kolivas patchset based overloaded kernel

Spellchecking Comments in the Linux Kernel

The Linux Kernel API

Tour of the Linux kernel source

UNIX kernel source tour

Instal Linux kernel from source thro' GUI (For users)

Core dump systems allow for the state of a machine to be saved at crash time for later analysis

Crash Core Analysis Suite (can be used with the above URL) (Kernel debugging)

MPC8XX Debugging Library lets you debug MPC8xx-based boards

Remote Debugging with GDB

Useful tools to debug the kernel

KMD is a graphical debugger, It can debug hardware over serial ports
such as the Manchester ARM Board or with software emulators

Online (Internet) debugger using gdb

Delta Debugging (From automated testing to automated debugging)

PonyProg - Serial Device Programmer (Windows / Linux)

A reusable gdb stub architecture for multiple processor architectures
and platforms. Enables embedded systems development using GNU
compiler, linker, debugger and other tools.

Curses based gdb

Remote Proxy (Rproxy) is an enhanced gdbserver

Kernel debugger

OOPS! An Introduction to Linux Kernel Debugging

Linux Kernel testing

SucKIT is easy-to-use, Linux-i386 kernel-based rootkit

Linux on-the-fly kernel patching without LKM

PAX - Linux kernel patch which protects against a number of overflow attacks

Examines status of running Linux kernel

Linux 2.4.x Initialization for IA-32 HOWTO

System call tracker in GNU/Linux platform

Linux System Call Table

LibSysCTr is a utility library that can be used to intercept system call functions on a Linux system

Psuedo filesystem allowing read/write access to read-only or important filesystems

(Secure) SHell FileSystem Linux kernel module (shfs/sshfs)

create Secure/Remote shell tunnel

ASFS - Amiga Smart File System - Linux implementation

AVFS - A Virtual File System - (enables all programs to look inside archived or compressed files, or access remote files without recompiling the programs or changing the kernel)

POrtable Dodgy Filesystems in Userland (hacK)

CryptoFS for Linux Userland Filesystem

DKMS stands for Dynamic Kernel Module Support

Linux Security Modules (LSM)

Capability Override LSM

Linux Security HOWTO

Ext3 implementation for the Hurd

Converting ext2 file system to journaling ext3

Design and Implementation of the Second Extended Filesystem (ext2fs)

e2fsimage - create ext2 filesystem images (can be used while creating initrd)

Creating an initrd image on Debian GNU/Linux

Linux System V File System Project

Lib ext2fs

Ext2 Compression Extension

Linux kernel patch (Solving ext3 data corruption)

Tool to patch linux kernel modules that were compiled for another kernelversion
for analyzing binary-only kernelmodules

Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide

Linux kernel hacking

Unreliable Guide To Hacking The Linux Kernel

Understanding The Linux Virtual Memory Manager

Code Commentary On The Linux Virtual Memory Manager

VM Regress - A Regression, Test and Benchmark suite

Linux memory management

Linux 2.4 Virtual Memory Overview

Greps memory content

mecca (MEmory CAche)

Hogmem is a program for managing memory status in development or testenvironments

memfetch dumps the memory of a program without disrupting its operation

Running Unix Memory Test

Virtual memory simulator

Virtual machine library for different hardware platforms

Memory Allocation Tracking

HAL - Hardware Abstraction Layer

Hardware Platform Interface (HPI)

Virtual machine simulator based on a MIPS R3000 processor

Ixia Linux Software Development Kit (For Ixia's processor-based Load Modules)

Multi-Simulation Interface

Turing Machine simulator

Emulation and Simulation


Linux system emulators!INDEX.html

PearPC is a platform-independent PowerPC architecture emulator capable of running most PowerPC operating systems

JASA - Java Auction Simulator API

QEMU CPU Emulator (x86, ARM, alpha, sparc32)

RAMSES Simulation Server (RASS)

Linux networking

Linux Multiprocessor Control Interfaces

Processes on Linux and Windows NT

Linux CPU Usage Info

CPU, Memory, Processes statistics

switch the CPU frequency depending on CPU use

Autothrottle - Throttles your CPU according to the system load

How can I make my server a daemon? (Section 4.3)

Symbion Daemon Tool is a daemon master tool

HOWTO write a daemon

Making a Daemon Server on Perl

Daemon that gets some system information and stores it on a pre-configured file

Daemon turns other process into daemons

libdaemon is a leightweight C library which eases the writing of UNIX daemons

Open Lock Daemon (provides central point where to lock resources in a distributed environment)

List Processes and Threads of Windows NT

System Status utilities

Accessfs: permission filesystem for linux

Linux filesystem usage info

Advanced filesystem implementor's guide

Filesystems HOWTO

Plastic filesystem

User space filesystem in GNU/Linux platform

Filesystem in Userspace - export a virtual filesystem to the Linux kernel

newuserfs -- a userspace filesystem hook for Linux 2.4

Allow direct port I/O allows user-space Linux programs to access I/O directly on an x86 platform

User-mode Linux management daemon

UMLazi is a management tool for configuring and running User-Mode Linux based virtual machines

Kernel Mode Linux : Execute user processes in kernel mode

Virtual filesystem for accessing the storage memory of Siemens mobile phones

Linux Performance Analyzer

Hard disk (IDE) performance improvement by enabling DMA

Dynamically creates symbolic links to disk/partition names

Detect the content format of a disk or disk image

Large Disk HOWTO

Secure file wiping utility

RAID basic concepts

Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) on Software RAID

Fast intelligent software RAID1 linux driver

Runs as a daemon and monitors software RAID devices

Debian Woody/Sid 2.4 Kernel RAID 1 DevFS ReiserFS HOWTO

tools for creating, maintaining, monitoring Software RAID

Root RAID HOWTO cookbook

Linux DPT Hardware RAID HOWTO

Linux DPT Hardware RAID mini-HOWTO

Linux Mylex RAID Controller User Interface

ATAPI Specification

UNH-iSCSI Initiator and Target for Linux

ISCSI Project (SAN),,sid9_gci750136,00.html

SCSI utilities + DD command for SCSI

SCSI-2 References

The Linux 2.4 SCSI subsystem HOWTO

The Linux SCSI programming HOWTO

Moitor ATI / SCSI storage systems

New storage protocol designed for the transfer of SCSI data and commands over networks

Finds temperature of IDE / SCSI device

Scsiaddgui provides a graphical user interface for the scsiadd - utility

Boot from HDD even if you have floppy in the drive

A squashed read-only filesystem for Linux

The Linux Virtual File-system Layer

A tour of the Linux Virtual File System

Virtual File System Overview

Parallel Virtual File System (VFS)


EncFS – Encrypted Filesystem module for Linux

A complete overview, setup and conf of GNU/Linux box

Linux cook book

Linux Kernel Book

Linux Kernel 2.4 Internals

Simple Linux Kernel Hacking Guide (But bare minimum info)

Documentation for People Interested in Writing and/or Understanding
the Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel hooks

Hooking in UNIX environment

Something like hooking in GNU/Linux environment

C++ dlopen mini HOWTO

Linux progress patch (Hides bootup messages)
Graphical boot up of GNU/Linux

Simple program for changing how Linux starts (in text-console or graphical-xserver at boot time)

KGI - Kernel Graphics Interface

GGI - General Graphics Interface

Fresco is a windowing system derived from a powerful structured
graphics toolkit originally based on InterViews

High degree of interactivity when booting from a CD or DVD

Install latest Linux kernel (Automated process)

Find what VGA card is currently used in GNU/Linux

HermesAP is a package that provides driver-patches and other tools to
use Accesspoint (BSS master) mode with Hermes/Orinoco cards under Linux

Network Buffers and Memory Management

Reversible hexdump

Dis51 8051 Hex-file Disassembler

Hexcmp - Compare two hex files

Hexchksum and Chkhex

bin2hex - script to convert data files into source code arrays

shed (simple hex editor)

Setup a cron job on Linux

Running Jobs Unattended

Run - controlling CPU biasing of processes

Installing INFO in GNU System

How I Downgraded Debian GNU/Linux Testing to Stable

Debian Ham - Single floppy image for low end machines

GNU/Linux Management Console (Like Webmin)

Screenshot program for Linux text console(s)

Bidirectional pipe for unix shells

tpipe is a Unix command pipeline plumbing tool

pv - Pipe Viewer - is a terminal-based tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline

Socketpipe connects over a TCP/IP socket a remote command specified to a local input generation command and/or a local output processing command

ProFTPd ftp server and user webbased management

Webbased FTP client

hsftp is an ftp emulator that provides the look-and-feel of an ftp session, but uses ssh

Webmin GNU/Linux management (Done @ admin level)

Usermin GNU/Linux management (Done @ user level)

Linux Systems Management Interface

JrAdmin - GTK-Perl frontend to system management

SerialTracker / System Tracker

serlook is a tool aimed to inspect and debug serial line data traffic

Conserver is an application that allows multiple users to watch a serial console at the same time

Debian Control Center

Info pages on NET

Howto configure gnus (Emacs mail client)

Emacspeak -- The Complete Audio Desktop

Mailman autoreject spammers

Mail Manager + Customer service

MHonArc is a Perl mail-to-HTML converter

OTRS is an Open source Ticket Request System

Console key binding

2-Disk Xwindow embedded Linux

Xwoaf - X Windows On A Floppy

Decreases the startup time of your X session

Pogo is a lightweight, customizable application launcher for X11

Running one X Display within another

Utility to change resolution in XWindows (GTK Interface) (Command line) (Tcl/Tk)

RefDbg is a GObject reference count debugger

Taskbar for XWindows

GUI Toolkits for The X Window System

GUI Toolkits for all platforms

XServer implementation based on OpenGL

WeirdX - Pure Java X Window System Server (XServer)

xvidcap is a screen capture enabling you to capture videos off your X-Window desktop

XWindows test

XP based desktop interface to GNU/Linux

Linux X11 Rapid Application Development

A perl script that can cycle the X background image at timed intervals

Automatically change your background wallpaper in Windoze

Colourizes xterms session

Control X Windows remotely from your mac

X Automation

The XWindows Resize and Rotate Extension

XFree86 4.3 Debian HOWTO

XFree86 4.2 Debian HOWTO

Automate calculations for generating XFree86 video modelines

XWindows brightness adjustment

C++ GUI framework to make cross-platform

portable set of APIs to create console or graphical applications runnable on many platforms (cross-platform)

Construo is a simple 2D construction program (game development related)

g2 2D graphical library

GD Graphics Library

GD-Sharp is a .NET wrapper for the GD Library

Mesa 3D Graphics Library for XWindows like OpenGL

Openvidia - GPU accelerated Computer Vision Library

VortexGE is a simple software 3D renderer created without using OpenGL / MesaGL

Irrlicht Engine - high performance realtime 3D engine written in C++

A graphical 3D object modeller implemented in Scheme

FL-INVENTOR (develop 3D/VR applications featuring *multiplatform* high-level GUI interfaces)

An OpenGL User Interface Library

Library to develop games in X Windows easily

hugin - Panorama Tools GUI

ClanLib - Game SDK

Open Dynamics Engine

AERO - A Physically Based Simulation and Animation System

DynaMechs (Dynamics of Mechanisms): A Multibody Dynamic Simulation Library

Marine search

Genetic Programming System

3D related software

Race is an overhead 3D car game for GNU/Linux and Windows

3D racing cars simulator

CarWorld is a small driving simulator/demo

OpenGL Racing Game

T1 Car Racing Simulation

X key binding

The X Window User HOWTO

Application server for XWindows system (X Application Server System)

XWindows Programming

Using Multiple X-Windows on same M/c

X-Windows key mapping

Basic Graphics Programming With the Xlib Library

X Window System Programmer's Guide

Many useful linux tools

Insert a file into RAM disk image (ramdisk)

Simple ramdisk creation tool

Ramdisk based GNU/Linux distribution

Automated Logins Revisited (Autologin)

login_keepalived is a small daemon that keeps remote terminal logins alive

Login Anomaly Detection System (LADS)

GNU Pthreads (Next Generation POSIX Threading [NGPT])

Cheap Threads (Portable Multitasking in C)

Threads written in assembly

Thread Pooling Framework (Java)

GNU/Linux running under MS-Windows

Change MS-Windows NT administrator password

Change MS-Windows 2000 administrator password

Decrypts password stored in CMOS

passdump - password sniffer for Windows and Un*x

Full support for the NTFS filesystem to the Linux operating system

Linux program for writing Microsoft compatible boot record

Partition Image is a Linux/UNIX utility which saves partitions in many formats to an image file

QT based partition interface

Libparted++ for C++ based developement

NTFS partition resize

Many filesystem for Windows NT / XP / 2000

Access ReiserFS partitions from a Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP system

EXT2 IFS for Windows NT

Command line tools to read and write EXT2 and EXT3 partition
(Windows, DOS, Linux)

rfstool - ReiserFS for Windows

Windows NT File System Internals : A Developer's Guide (Book)

Un-Official debian apt source

Many useful security related URLs

Secure Linux Box

Securing Debian GNU/Linux Manual (security)

sash-plus-patches (chroot, pivot_root, losetup)

Chrooting daemons and system processes HOW-TO

Jailkit is a set of utilities to limit user accounts to specific files using chroot

Implements a nonprivileged jailroot

Creating root-kit proof saferooms

Chrooting all the services (security)

Chkrootkit is a tool to locally check for signs of a rootkit

Chkrootkit related URL's

CAGE - Creator of padded cells for untrusted applications (Like chroot)

Pretending you are root while doing file system operations (Using LD_PRELOAD)

Sorts directory entries before supplying them to your applications (Using LD_PRELOAD)

Roaming Home directory

Hides several directory entries from directory listings

Managing shortcuts for lengthy directory structure

Restrict processes to write only to those places you want (sandbox) (Using LD_PRELOAD)

Remote security scanner

Remotely reboot your GNU/Linux server in any situation

sled, a shutdown button for your server

Auto power off

Power off GNU/Linux machine

Power on GNU/Linux machine using NVRAM

Debian as Workstation


Debian based Home users distro

Replication (clone) of Debian GNU/Linux

Harddisk Image Cloning for PCs

g4l - The 'Gh*st for Linux' drive/partition imaging/cloning tool

Mirror a Debian distribution

Build a local Debian Mirror

apt-mirror - apt sources mirroring tool

Passwordless SSH sessions

Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels

Gaurd Bash shell eventhough using ssh

Connection Manager - single connection configuration (interface) to SSH / VNC / Telnet

Multi-Protocol Remote Login

Linux VServer Project - Multiple instance of ssh or any other of same service in a single box

VServer Context Quota extends the virtual server concept by adding per-context user and group quotas

Shell with which only scp / sftp is possible

Script to help ssh user to setup the keys at both ends

Getting GNOME 2 going on Debian GNU/Linux

GNOME-DB - unified data access architecture

Very good list of object oriented (oo) links

Free component framework similar to Microsoft COM

List of eBooks

Free Online Books link

Novells (stories) online

Numerical Recipes in C ebook

UNIX, JAVA, Perl related ebooks

download utility (download manager)

Spread Toolkit provides tools for developing reliable and robust distributed applications

Distributed Hardware Evolution Project

Fault tolerant search utilities (Commands like, which, man)

Search engine

ISearch Engine

Search Engine for Linux

Jakarta Lucene is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine written entirely in Java

website indexing/search fascillity

Web Site Monitoring - Performance Monitoring

LUALA: The LUcene Application LAyer

FTPSearch/Agent - ftp indexing & searching engine

Replication of database transactions, operating system files, and
operating system commands to servers distributed in a wide-area-network

high-quality Database Engines and Front-Ends

Any Database front end in Unix environment

Large File Btree Package

Small database like gdbm

shsql minimalist SQL database

Postgres Front End

PostgreSQL Book


PostgreSQL Hierarchical Queries (perform hierarchical queries in Oracle's style)

PostgreSQL relay (single point of origin for a number of databases)

PostgreSQL Log Analyzer

Web frontend for postgres data base server

Ora2Pg is a Perl module to export an Oracle database schema to a PostgreSQL compatible

PostgreSQL v MySQL

FTS PostgreSQL


ADO for PostgreSQL
MSAccess for PostgreSQL

Stored Procedure for PostgreSQL

Howto for PostgreSQL


Check Postgresql

MySQL disadvantages

MySQL Benchmark application with PHP front-end

mysqlstress is small but powerful program in that it allows an administrator to stress a MySQL server to check performance

Backup / restore MySQL


Mytop - a top clone for MySQL

htop - an interactive process viewer for Linux

Shell environment for Oracle

Easy C-Interface to access Oracle databases

A must for a Oracle expert (FAQ)

Good Oracle links

OracleEditor.php is a standalone PHP script which allows you to browse your Oracle database
tables and insert, update and delete rows in any table

Java console tool that reverse- engineers a SQL script

Perl script to reverse-engineer Oracle structures

Oracle installation for GNU/Linux

Oracle 8i for RedHat 7.0 and above

extproc_perl - Oracle Stored Procedures in Perl

Lots and lots of file format specification

Many image manipulation/conversion utilities

Scale2x is real-time graphics effect able to increase the size of small bitmaps

ScummVM - virtual machine' for several classic graphical point-and-click adventure games

Visualization ToolKit (VTK) - 3D computer graphics, image processing

The vtkFLTK bridge library

National Library of Medicine Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK)

MRIConvert is a medical image file conversion utility

Parallel visualization application

KimDaba - K Image Database

OpenThis - Image Database

Image server - Picture Web Server

Image processing and computer vision (LTI-Lib)

UIM stands for 'UNIX Image Manager' (Image processing)

View And Modify Image - VAMI

AutoTrace - converts bitmap to vector graphics

Vector Graphics program

Skencil, a vector drawing program for Unix

potrace - Transforming bitmaps into vector graphics

Delineate - raster to SVG converter

Converts many raster image and vector graphics formats to EPS or PDF

JIU - The Java Imaging Utilities - An image processing library

Image processing libraries in Java

Java Tiny GFX Library

Java InstantCode: Java Advanced Imaging - ebook online

pstoedit translates PostScript and PDF graphics into other vector formats

A set of PostScript utilities

Internet Resources for POSTSCRIPT and GHOSTSCRIPT

Finger print verification system (Image)

Fullscreen gesture/handwriting recognition

Integrated tool environment for modeling, validation and verification
of real-time systems modeled as networks of timed automata, extended
with data types (bounded integers, arrays, etc.)

T-Uppaal is a testing tool for black-box conformance testing of embedded and real-time systems

Uppaal Timed Automata Parser Library

Finite Automata model / Finite State Machine model

GNU Image-Finding Tool - Content Based Image Retrieval System (CBIRS)

Painting and image retouching program designed to work best with 35mm film

Image manipulation

XMagick - Integrate ImageMagick with any X Application

GRX graphics library

Graphics from the command line

EOS Image Manager (Manage digital photos)

RRDtool as a reimplementation of MRTGs graphing and logging features

Java implementation of RRDTool's functionality

libbsb - Read, Write and Convert BSB images

Image to pdf (img2pdf)



TIFF and JPEG to PDF conversion

Converting and processing images, text to Postscript, text to PDF, images to ps or PDF, video files, music files

Creating PDF

In line tool for assembling/merging pdf files

wiki2PDF - Online PDF generation

pdflib - A PDF-Library for tdbengine

PDF parser


extendedPDF - creates a PDF document from your

Creates Indexed PDF documents from text files

Extract data from Images

Digitally sign images

Search images from available database (FTS for image files)

AVI animation creator

Linux Graphics resources!INDEX.short.html

Image Processing and pattern recognition

Conversion of images (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF) to pdf

Intel's JPEG Library (win32)

Video Analysis and Comparison Utilities

Video for Linux

Linux Video Project attempts to create a Live-DVD

ViPER - The Video Processing Evaluation Resource

nVidia configurator

nVidia under GNU/Linux

nVidia XFree86 4.x Drivers

nVidia over clock

Matrox Marvel TV card (unofficial site)


Tiny Linux Distribution to play Multimedia CD's (Based on (Based on

Movie player for Windows

MPlayer Installation and dependency

Movie player + Hardware

Linux MPEG Player / Audio player

Mpeg Menu System

MPEG Cut is a Windows and GNU/Linux application to convert VCD to MPEG file

MPEG streaming (Over network)

GOPchop - MPEG2 GOP-accurate editor

dvbsnoop is a DVB / MPEG stream analyzer program


Add background sound playing to Linux applications

Audio & Video streaming server

Spook is a Linux server application to capture live video and stream it over an IP network

Audio Streaming

Video streaming server

Possible to perform live internet radio

fIcy is a icecast/shoutcast stream grabber

Uninterrupted Broadcasting System (UBS)

Fully syncronized, distributed mp3 audio over a local network

Danubio Streaming Architecture (DSA) C++ library

mod_mp3 turns the Apache Web server into an MP3 or Ogg streaming server

JReceiver Audio Server (Rio Receiver)

Yet another rio receiver

Multichannel interactive streaming solution
(Designed to transmit live video, audio and data over a TCP/IP network)

OpenAL is a cross-platform 3D audio

(MJPEG capture/editting/replay and MPEG encoding toolset description)

Goom which is played inside xine while playing songs

XawTV - webcam utility in GNU/Linux

Fork of the above xawtv

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

LiarLiar is a voice stress analysis tool

Voice enabled applications in GNU/Linux

CAPI Voice Mail System (CVM) - replace vgetty for Linux answering machine services

KSFX - Kernel Sound Effects

Digital Room Correction - FIR filters to be used within HiFi systems

MMapDSP is a small tool for Linux that emulates a memory-mapped DSP (audio) device

Installing and Configuring ALSA Sound Modules in Debian GNU/Linux HOWTO

Review of Sound and Music Software in GNU/Linux

Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API

Sound server designed specifically for GNU/Linux

Sound for GNU/Linux

Sound plugin for GNU/Linux

Virtual Sound - Audio Synthesis Tools

Audio and Video Production environment for GNU/Linux

Network Audio System (Like X Server, this will be sound server)

Real-time sound processor

CD player (Only audio, mp3, ogg)

MP3 to Audio CD

dealbumwrap is script to extract songs from MP3 files created by AlbumWrap


Speak Freely

VOIP (Voice Over IP)

Commercial VoIP GNU/Linux solution

vomit utility converts a Cisco IP phone conversation into a wave file

PBX solution on GNU/Linux

Phone Box Log Analyzer

Talk to an RCX from a serial port on a Linux box

OpenH323 (H.323 Teleconferencing)

H.323 support for ASTERISK PBX

OpenH323 Gatekeeper - The GNU Gatekeeper

ISDN for Linux

ISDN Gateway

Meeting Room Booking System

Gnome Meeting

Videoconferencing Tool (VIC)

JukeBox for Linux

Enables cellphone as UNIX/Linux Terminal

Creating ringtones and logos for mobile phones

Communicate with mobiles and other devices using the Obex Protocol

x70talk is an application to allow communication with a Panasonic X70 mobile phone

Access database from Mobile thro' ewe application

VOCP is a complete messaging solution for voice modems, with
voicemail, fax

nullmodem - a Utility to loopback Pseudo-Terminals

Configuring Modem in Linux

Share a connection to the Internet upon dialup

Software Engineering for Telecommunications Protocols (Linux)

Telecom Inter Process Communication (TIPC)


SNMP Monitor is monitoring tool for SNMP devices

Various tools realted to SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)

SNMP Trap Translator
(A more descriptive / friendly trap message can be created using SNMPTT)

Network Management System

Perfomance mointoring tool and libraries of Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD
and Windows machines on a network

Application control, Monitoring and Recovery (VisMon Cluster Matrix)

Clubmask: Cluster Booting, Management, and Scheduling

Benson Distributed Monitoring System

Online monitoring availability of computers in network

Network monitoring tool

Portmon Network Monitoring Daemon

Network simulator

NAB (Network in A Box) - network simulator targeted at wireless ad hoc and sensor networks

Emulab - Network Emulation Testbed

Virtual InterNetwork Testbed (Network Simulator)

Nttlscan is a quick network topology scanner

Collaborative Simulation (Network Simulator)

Simulation Augmented by Measurement and Analysis for Networks

Nam - Network Animator

Name Service Switch module that uses SQL Relay

Send message to alphanumeric pager using TAP protocol (Works in US)

Telephony Software

smbfax - print to a faxmodem on your Samba server via Hylafax

Fax for GNU/Linux

fax2png -- 1-bit multipage TIFF (fax or scan) to PNG image converter

Send faxes for free via email

The Phone Company's Remote Printing Service

Xprint - the X11 print system
"Xprint" is an advanced printing system which enables X11 applications to use devices like printers, FAX or create documents in formats like PostScript, PDF, PCL

CUPS Driver Development Kit (DDK)

X Fax program

Wake On LAN proxy

802.1Q VLAN implementation for Linux (Virtual LAN)

Digital Signal Processing C++ library

TMS320C[34]x DSP - GNU Tools for DSP chips from Texas

Linux DSP Shell

DSP - real-time signal analysis tool

Digital Signal Processing

dspVM: Digital Signal Processor Virtual Machine

The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing (ebook)

Filtering HTTP proxy server

elhttp - extra-light http proxy server

lib HTTP Proxy Client

Viralator Proxy Virus Scanner (SQUID)

Burp proxy is an interactive HTTP/S proxy server for attacking and debugging web-enabled applications

Mizio - A proxy finder tool

Connect through an HTTP proxy to any TCP port on any host anywhere

solution for people stuck behind a firewall / MS proxy with highly restricted ways to reach the internet

Configuring an Open Source Mail Gateway

An exploration of procmail

Limit the user access of POP3/IMAP

POP3, SMTP, Telnet, and more from any client to any server concurrently

Notify Cell Phone of Incoming Mail

Python based Yahoo! voice chat

Receive mail from yahoo service

Send mail thro' yahoo service from your own e-mail client

Yahoo Group mails archiver

Mail Retrieval Proxy (fully featured POP3 and IMAP4 proxy server)

POP3 Proxy Server

SMTP Proxy

MailBridge acts as a HTTP tunnel to give you access to your POP and SMTP services

Forwarding (non-caching) proxy that gzips text and HTML files

Transproxy - Transparent HTTP Proxy

Transparent Proxy in Linux (Ipchains and Squid)

Transparent Network over HTTP in Linux using with Squid proxy combination

SQUID user's management system

Freely available internet proxy gets a list of domains from hosts linking to porn sites
(The list is used by squid to block the hosts)

Equivalent to SQUID proxy server

Transparent web authentication thro' Proxy

TCP/IP UDP/IP Connection proxy (Very useful behind a non-firewall)

UDP-Bridge is a transparent proxy for UDP traffic

Port forwarding (TCP connections / UDP packets) and transparent proxy

sslsmurf is a local proxy that can capture HTTPS traffic in clear text

Active port forwarder uses SSL for secure packet tunneling

Tunnel TCP applications (mail/telnet) thro' proxy

HTTP tunnelling utility written in Python

Alternative to products like Exchange or Lotus Notes/Domino

RH Server Development Project (RedHat)

Free ISP package based on RedHat and Debian GNU/Linux

TuxBox ISPWorks

ISP Billing System

Creates virtual hosts on a network

Route incoming traffic based on the visitor's country of origin

Reverse-proxy and load-balancer

Reverse proxy module for the Apache web browser

Java base reverse proxy

Load balancing algorithm / framework

Load balancing tool for various web services (Based on JAVA)

Load Balancing with failover

SmartPeer is a load balancing solution that runs from a single bootable CD-ROM

Load balancing and monitoring package for servers

Eddie acts as a high availability WAN and LAN clustering tool for Web servers

Linux Replicated High Availability Manager

DRBD is a block device which is designed to build high availability clusters

Reverse Load Balancer @ firewall level

Load Balancer in a cluster environment

Persistent Java objects mapped to relational databases

Clustered JDBC is to databases what RAID is for disks

Simple DataBase Transfer Protocol (JDBC)

Java connection pooling for existing JDBC drivers

Connection pooling and loadbalancing with different database

Data modeling (Database)

Database connection pooling, load balancing and write-replication

Linux Benchmark Suite

kernbench is a CPU throughput benchmark

Database structure unit testing

Open Source Database Benchmark

Universal access to database

Command-line interface to any JDBC supported database

Voruta reduces JDBC code in application

Database on Linux ([Non-]Commercial)

SQL Load Balancer (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle)

SQuaLe is a glib based SQL query load balancer over persitent database connections

Application level load balancing (Kernel TCP Virtual Server)

Application based clustering solution

xCAT (Extreme Cluster Administration Toolkit)

A secure single sign-on web authentication system

Running independent Linux servers inside a single PC

Network Traffic Generator to check firewall status

Network traffic statistics

Failsafe DD command in GNU/Linux

Pcopy - Peter's Disk-to-Disk (dd) Copying Tool

The Linux Migration Project

gnu_india: * Modular Optical Character Recognition software
gnu_india: * (english source in C for X11)


OCR Front end

Directory of open source software for science

AI for Linux

Deduce is an artificial intelligence program


Build 3D simulations of decentralized systems and artificial life

Noble Ape Simulation



amavisd-new is a high-performance interface between mailer (MTA) and
content checkers: virus scanners, and/or SpamAssasin

Virus scanning module to scan Web traffic for viruses

Check some server applications available

Checking Geographical location of any specified IP address

Authenticating gateway - NOT based on IP, but based on user

Client that allows you to retrieve the IP address of your machine over the Web

Prevents unauthorized usage of IPs within LAN

User level networking (dynamic allocation of IP addresses)


Remote GNU/Linux Frequently Asked Questions

Install Debian Onto a Remote Linux System

[Cobalt-22] HOWTO Install Debian on a Qube2 or Raq2


optcomplete: Shell Completion Self-Generator for Python

Python IDE

PyCrash is a Run-Time Exception Dumper which handles uncaught exceptions

wxPython for newbies

Python Tutorial

Python IPC module (shared memory, message queues, semaphores)

Visual Basic to Python Converter

pyobfuscate - Python source code obfuscator (makes Python source code hard to read for humans)

bridgekeeper - A Perl to Python source code converter

Perthon -- Python to Perl Language Translation

decompyle - A Python byte-code decompiler

Numerical Python

Evaluating Jython code (Java + Python)

Python SAP RFC module

Python based installer for GNU/Linux and Windows

Serial port access using python (sport)

Python code Reverse Engineering

Python Unit Testig

QUnitTest - A Unit Testing GUI for Python

A web testing framework for Python

Python profiling tool

A servlet-like engine for Python

Python Imaging library

XML/DOM Parsing for Python

Python Application Framework

Python to C translator

Art of writing

Emacs Howto

BBDB Mail related stuff for GNU Emacs

Good GNU site

AB Gave the following Links
wget (Art of assembly program)
wget -c*
wget -c

Top 100 downloads

Workflow soln in GNU/Linux

Metadot Portal Server

Creation of Documentation

Documentation tool


Easily archive all email messages going in and out (Using sendmail)

SMTP / POP3 server

SMTP Relay checker (To check available smtp relay server on LAN)

Dynamic relay for sendmail

POP before SMTP for exim, sendmail, qmail, postfix mail server(s)

Onestep solution for all virtual hosting needs (Web/FTP/email domains) (account management)

Linux virtual servers within a 'chroot' environment,lnxw16=freeVSD

keepalive facility to the Linux Virtual Server project

Free Virtual Private Server Solution

POP before SMTP

How to enable SMTP Authentication in mail clients

SMTP/POP3 client library for COBOL

SMTP/POP3 client library

Fix Mime Charset

A simple POP3 client library

Generic mail checking library for Unix/Linux and other operating systems



ESMTP and library

Migration of one IMAP server to another IMAP Server

Migration of POP3 server to IMAP Server

Multi-drop mail functionality (Like fetchmail)



Trace delivery of mail from mail client to dest mail server

Fetching emails from a POP3 server

mbox-extract (extract uuencoded and mime-encoded)

Check perfomance of SMTP/POP3 mailserver

SMTP Benchmarking Suite

Stopping spam with the Anti-Spam-SMTP-Proxy

E-mail challenge-response system which virtually eliminates all unsolicited spam e-mail

Virus filter

OpenProtect - Server Side E-Mail Protection(AntiVirus, AntiSpam and Content Filtering)

Mail Scanner

Mail Scanner Howto (Step by step)

Virus scanning applicaitons in mail server

Email Processing System


CryptNET Keyserver

GNU Privacy Guard DNS keyserver client

Encrypted Messaging program

Data Encryption and Data deletion for Windows and GNU/Linux

seppl is both a protocol definition and a software implementation of a new encryption layer for IPv4

Encrypt Folder

Tiger Envelopes makes cryptography work with almost any email software

Watches specifed folders for incoming files and processes them with
programs assigned to those folders

Program that automatically executes scripts as you traverse directories (folder)

SMS Messages

SMS gateway

SMTP2SMS (India)

PlaySMS - SMS Gateway

SMSC-Gateway software package can be used to send/receive SMSes to/from cellular phones using various connections to SMSCs

vinSMSIndia - Send FREE SMS

Application which assists in sending many SMS messages

Send text message's as SMS or to pagers

Linuxsms is a cool script in Perl for send short messages to gsm phones

SMS Server Tools

Hindi Words

HindiDict - Hindi Dictionary

Hurd Docs

Micro Kernel based on L4

L4Ka Pistachio microkernel

rtmk - real-time microkerne

Hurd Hacking Guide

Porting the GNU Hurd to the L4 Microkernel manual

OSKit Entropy Pool Hacks

Upgrading GNU/Hurd

Howto build the GNU-Hurd/Mach/Oskit/Oskit-Mach

Oskit + PCMCIA card

GNU/Hurd mirror site

Pthreads for GNUMach

JFS Translator for GNU/Hurd

GNU Hurd translators

TARFS for GNU/Hurd


Grub configuration editor (GUI)

Boot GNU/Linux using Windows boot loader

GNU/Hurd Mailing list archive


Bochs description

GNU OS to boot on Bochs (VMWare kind of application)

Cthread to Pthread for GNU/Hurd

New way to write Device drivers
[Devil (DEVice Interface Language) is an IDL aimed at providing the
lower layer of a device driver]

Driver On Demand

Ndis Wrapper (windows network driver API)

NDIS reference page (Network Devices and Protocols: Windows DDK)

IEEE 802.11 Networks and Windows XP

CIPE-Win32 - Crypto IP Encapsulation for Windows NT/2000

CIPE - Crypto IP Encapsulation (build encrypting IP routers)

Open RObot COntrol Software - (Orocos)

European Robotics Research Network

Linux kernel drivers for a 104-DIO-48S and multiple Polaroid sonar sensors - PC/104+ I/O Robotics Drivers

Development tools for robot and sensor applications

Reading temperature sensors

Linux home automation (Linux K8000)

Open Automaton Project

rt_x10 is a kernel module that provides a realtime driver for the X10 "two way power line interface" device (Model TW523) (Home automation)

Home automation

Home automation by IBM

Misterhouse Hampton Bay RF Fan Control

pport - Home Automation

X10 protocol for home automation

Device driver for home automation using X10 protocol

Programs to control,operate and monitor industrial machinery

Programmable Logic Controller (Machine Automation Tools - MAT)

LIBNODAVE -- Exchange data with Siemens PLCs

Communication protocol library for layer 7 related to home automation



Guile interpreters

Cron written in guile

DNS Resolver library (Only for Windows)

Multicast DNS Reflector

DNS Tracer

Distributed DNS (DDNS)

Ensure that a zone or domain name is correctly configured in the DNS

pdnsd is a Proxy DNS server

Authoritative only, high performance, simple name server

Automated DNS record creation

Setting up DNS

PHP Interface to admin BIND DNS Server

DNS GUI Configuration tool

Web based DNS management

web-based DNS management tool

DNS Flood Detector

Dynamic DNS Server / Client

Webbased DNS & DHCP management system

Forwards DHCP messages between subnets with different sublayer broadcast domains

DHCP Usage statistics

DHCP Locator - Excellent for abuse issues in large networks

phpIP Management

Manage Apache virtual hosts

Apache Toolbox provides a means to easily compile Apache

Mod ZipRead is an Apache 2 module to browser Zip Archives

mod_chroot makes running Apache in a secure chroot environment easy

Tools to help organize files without breaking web links (Apache)

Apache - mod_scheme

Configure SSI on your apache web server

Apache with SSL

Apache module allows authentication from the information stored in an SQLite database

Apache DoS (Denial of Service) module

WebDav + Servlet engine for Apache and IBM WebSphere (To run Java based clients)

Test SIP based applications / devices

SIP Express Router (ser)

Apache Web Server Benchmark test

Apache module for image manipulation (processing)

Fully functioning IIS emulator on Linux (Webserver)

Many useful web based technologies and tools

HBCI home banking interface

Kanaputs is an interpreter for Java (JAVA interpreter)

Workflow soln written in Java (J2EE Cooperative Workflow Solution)

Java Business process management + workflow

MG4J (Managing Gigabytes for Java)

Web Site Test Tools and Site Management Tools

IDX-tsunami is a distributed load testing tool (protocol-independant)

Java Service Wrapper

FindBugs - A Bug Pattern Detector for Java

Finding and removing duplicated Java code

Similar to above but using self (similar to smalltalk) language

Open Source Message Queue (Java, asynchronous message middleware framework)

Minimalist Queue Services (asynchronous messaging for program/application)

Java Unit Testing

Bloated toString - helper library for debugging java classes

Java Black/White Box Unit Testing

JDemo - Java Demonstration Framework

Scripted Java GUI testing framework

Unit testing for Server side Java programs

JSE is a client-side site search engine

NumericalChameleon converts numbers with a precision of up to 1000 significant figures (JAVA)

Calculate really big numbers in Java

Joone is a FREE neural net framework to create, train and test neural nets (Java)

JarJar ClassLoader (custom class loader allows you to load classes from .JAR files)

Realtime java

Java based Embedded system

A Free Java Based Operating System

JJOS Project (Kernel for the above mentioned Java OS)

Platform Debugger Architecture for JOS

teaseme - A JVM that runs in the linux kernel

A free Java Virtual Machine

Tiny Java VM for embedded system

Jikes RVM (Research Virtual Machine)

Embedlets are Java based embedded system software components

jolt is a Java Virtual Machine Daemon (reusing the same JVM instance across invocations)

Java based distribution

Java based desktop (DMS)

Java Desktop - Java Virtual Filesystem

FileSystem Investigator

Clustering solution for Java based application

Distributed programming in Java for high performance computing

ProActive is a Java library parallel, distributed, and concurrent computing

Mandala - development of concurrent object-oriented applications by using the concept of asynchronous references

Remote site management (Jave servlet & one of the good link for java)

Run any command from remote location via e-mail

Servlet testing framework

Easy Hibernate Cache - Java, in-process cache

J2EE based development

J2EE based RAD tool

Quality assurance of web applications with a strong focus on J2EE applications

Java::SJ allows developers to very easily run Java services

Useful links related to JAVA

Java implementation of the Totem protocol - Extended Virtual Synchrony for Java

Java based telephony system

Mars Simulation Project - Java

Displays list of all .class files, which are needed for running specified application

Free Java class file shrinker, disassembler, optimizer, reverse engineering and obfuscator

JStubGen Empty .jar Java Stub Generator

A lightweight tool for watermarking Java class files

Run multiple java applications in one virtual machine - saves memory

Check JAVA source code against a highly definable coding standard

Add methods to existing JAVA classes without editing those classes, or even having their source code

produce a Java virtual machine compliant with the real time specification for Java

Java code generator (Javabeans, JSP, EJB)

Powerful, high performance and quality Code Generation Library (used to extend JAVA classes and implements interfaces at runtime)

C to Java converter

Schroedinger is the combination of Apache Tomcat with a nice, clean
Swing GUI and provides an easy way to create and test JSP and Servlet
Web applications (It records every JSP/HTTP activity so that every
possible bug can be corrected immediately)

SMTP/POP3 client library for JAVA

Scheme based implementation completely written in Java

HylaFax Java Client

JAVA / Open Source based API's

OpenFrame an extensible, complete, and portable framework for J2EE portal applications

ePointPGP provides limited OpenPGP functionality for Java applications and applets

GCJ Java plugin

Easily Include Google Searches in Your Web Applications (JSP)

Evaluate the forms on specified website (QA testing of your web forms)

JSP Rapid Application Development

A JSP based Wikiwiki web

JSP TestRunner tag library

JavaServer Faces (JSF)

Java preprocessor

Java based debugging environment (IDE)

Java Web Application and Web Services development

Java framework for the development of Web services

Yawda is an MVC Web development application framework based on Struts

Java Swing IBM framework programming

Every non trivial Java GUI sooner or later encounters the problem of "freeze" (For Swing)

Java Foundation Class (JFC)

C to Java translator

Java to C translator

Java Based Record + Playback events (JAVA GUI Testing tool)

A tool for creating Java GUIs


Using Javascript and PHP, we have been able to construct a virtual window environment(VWE)

Chemical Development Kit (CDK) Java based

Java on Itanium 64-bit

JavaVM for IA-64 (

Java Compiler for IA-64 (

Java IA-64 disassembler

Expert system written in Java



Creation of PDF using Java API's

Java Decompiler

Java Disassembler

JAM - Java RAM Interpreter

Java Virtual Machine written completely in Java

Small JVM

Rapid development of dynamic site (J2EE & Java)

Rapid application development environment for building web
applications and services

Java implementation - GPL

Java OS

Pure Java implementation of SSH2

J2SSH is an object-oriented Java implementation of the SSH2 protocol

SSHWebProxy is a Java Servlet application (JBOSS) that enables users to access SSH Shell sessions

SMB client library written entirely in Java

Checksum utility written in Java

Fast MD5 Implementation in Java

Java Memory Profiler

Java Web-based Memory Profiler

JAVA SQL Profiler

JRat the Java Runtime Analysis Toolkit

Framework for building programming language runtime systems

Java Profiler

Java cvprof Coverage Profiler, Analysis, Reporting

Cougaar memory profiler for java

Extensible Java Profiler


Active code generators or documentation tools (javadoc)

A CGI script for indexing and searching html files produced by javadoc tool

JFlex - The Fast Scanner Generator for Java

YACC-compatible parser generator

HP 9100c Scanner specification

HP OfficeJet Linux driver

HP Linux Inkjet project

HP Laser Jet printing and Linux Printing

Ink_Level - Check the ink level of your printer with linux

The Linux Printing HOWTO

Printing on Linux

LPD (Line Printer Daemon) implementation in Java

How can I print to a remote PC that does not have a static IP address

Open Source Printing (GNULPR)

Free Standards Group - Proposed Printing Workgroup

Installation Manager of Printer driver Retreival and Installation for Samba

Network Neighborhood, Visionfs, Samba Authentication and all that

Samba-TNG for UNIX to be a Windows Domain Controller

Cisco Enterprise Print System (For medium - larger systems)

cdpr (Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter)

ISAPI Filter for Session State Tracking

Hide the application window, task bar, Alt+Tab key control

ODBC Data access

Proxy server for ODBC connection

Crack software (IMPORTANT NOTE: Disable images before entering the

MS-Exchange Server

Programming VXD's using Assembler

Assembler under Windows

UNIX tools for Windows

Creating PDF from a Windows client

Virtual screen on Windows (looking good)

Remote Installation Services (RIS) for Windows

Automated installation of M$-Windows and GNU/Linux OS

Minimalist GNU C/C++ compiler For Windows

IDE for MinGW

Frequently Asked Questions about Win32 Programming

Cross compile Windows applications from GNU/Linux

setuid equivalent in windows (Porting Code from UNIX to Windows NT)

Windows based diff / merge tool

Converts text files between MSDOS/Windows and Unix formats

Create ISO Image in MS-Windows environment

WDM Video Capture Driver for WinMe, Win98SE ,Win2000 and WinXP

Linux applications ported to Windows environment


Systemwide Windows Hooks without external DLL

Winsock Hooking

SKIN Based application development

Windows Registry cleaning utility

Linux Registry is an alternative back-end for text configuration files

SCP Windows client

Putty Windows Telnet / SSH Client

SSHd for Windows

RSHd for Windows (Compatible with UNIX)

Converts from Microsoft Dev Studio Workspace and Project Files into
Unix Makefile (dsw to makefile)

Extracting and converting images in Microsoft Windows icon and cursor files

Enhance the Command Prompt in Microsoft windows (word fill, like gnu bash),4149,911847,00.asp

An MDI webbrowser using either Internet Explorer or Mozilla rendering engines for Windows

Web Browser for Terminals which can have multiple virtual windows opened

Mozilla keyboard shortcut

Store a list of account names, and passwords on your local computer - Windows

Python based grep

GNU Grep for Windows

GNU Less for Windows

Windows freeware

Windows Source Code

FAQ for Windows

Fax for windows



Windows URL

Multicast URL's

Multicast over TCP/IP HOWTO

Writing NT service;EN-US;Q189996

Start Your Windows Programs From An NT Service

MS Share Point,10738,2661114,00.html

Outlook Express

ExChange Book


Lotus Notes,9049,37183,00.html

News Filter for Outlook Express

Mapi and Outlook Express

NFS Server for Windows

NFS over Non-Networked environment

User-space NFSv3 Server

Multicasting Master-Slave Network Filesystem

Introduction to Multicasting

doit - yet another remote-execution daemon for Windows

Zero Install system removes the need to install software or libraries
by running all programs from a NFS

Self-certifying File System over NFS,u83s4uk49nt8rmp4uwmt2exvz6d3cavh/pub/sfswww/index.html

LDAP Explorer Tool

Yet another web-based LDAP administration GUI


LDAP Account Manager (lam) is a webfrontend for managing accounts
stored in an openLDAP server


Like .NET but uses C++

.NET projects (C#)

Free Books & Tutorials on .NET

Many useful windows tools

Many useful windows tools, debuggers and compilers


Spying on computer usage via keyboard hooks

Spying on computer usage via keyboard hooks using VB

TCP/IP Hooking in Windows

SNAPINS MMC (Microsoft Mangaement Console)

VB Code

VC++ Profiler

VBA Profiler

VB Profiler

C/C++/Fortran Profiler

Universal Pnp SDK for Linux

Universal Pnp,,sid1_gci525224,00.html

GNU/Linux UPnp Internet Gateway


VC++ link

Command line argument parsing for WinMain based applications

Very important VC++ Program

OLE Automation info
BUGS Related to VTS_UI1 of VC equivalent Byte array of VB;EN-US;q242588;en-us;Q241862
SAFEARRAY (COM);EN-US;q154172;EN-US;Q177218&ID=KB;EN-US;Q177218

Word 97 automation

Distributed document conversion solution

A library for importing and exporting WordPerfect documents

Discover a COM Realtime Feed for Excel (Add-ins to Excel)

pyXLWriter is a Python library for generating Excel spreadsheets

xlSQL is a JDBC driver for XLS files

Tool to recover lost and forgotten passwords from XLS files (xlcrack)

Writing High Performance Win32 Code

Shudown and Restart Windows

Hylafax web interface

Hylafax Windows client (Conf related files)

Hylafax Windows client

Windows Based Fax Modem Application;EN-US;q152196

Windows Freeware applications

Printing software for Windows

GDI hooking for Windows,4096,0130869856,00.html

Kernel API Hooking

COM Hooking

Installs/unistalls kernel-mode driver

Contains ASM source code of NT kernel-mode driver & Co

Windows API Hooking,3048,a%253D9188,00.asp,,12081_637121,00.html,4161,2394143-2,00.html

Windows Utilities + API Hooking

DDK for Windows

RFC-compliant Win32 LPD server

Printer Related Terms

Windows 2000 Guide

How to break MS-Windows

Data Conversion Tools (Windows 2 Linux)

Mpich for Windows

Windows CVS (WinCVS)

Create your own PDF files for FREE in Windows

Configure FreePDF on Microsoft Windows XP

Howto install Ghostscript, redmon on a windows machine.

Alternative download site for (Got using search)

Alternative download site for gs704w32.exe (Got using search)

Webdav client application

WMLStart.php is a compact, understandable, yet fully-working sample
WAP/WML application contained in a single PHP script

Wap mail client written in PHP

Sending email via WAP

Check mails thro' IMAP using WAP device

Check mails thro WAP

POP mails thro' WAP devices


Remote administration tool for most operating systems that can run a Java virtual machine

Slashdot for your mobile phone

Convert HTML to WML (For WAP enabled cell phone)

HTML to HDML (Handheld Device Markup Language) converter

HTML Generator written in Scheme

Web-Based Bug Tracking System

WebDav Sample Architecture

WebDav (slide) - Content Management and Integration System

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